OMEGA 3 – science fiction satire about food ideologies

Posted on 2015-06-07 by Elisabeth Schabus

Cars (carnivores) have been the Antichrist for ages, but now even Ollies (“Egg-eaters!”) hate Vegs (“tomato-worshippers”), and Fishies battle Frux with the ferocity of Djihadists. But the Macs (“macrobiotic crap!”) – the “Opus Dei of nutrition”, aptly clad in black – are the real bad guys. They make no prisoners, everyone knows that. They kill everybody who won’t come around to see the light of reason about how to eat properly – you are what you eat, after all, aren’t you? But what if the Macs took an Ollie and a Veg into their secret laboratory and made them eat meat? Will their metabolisms change for better or for worse?

OMEGA 3 is the first science fiction film out of Cuba in more than 100 years. In Eduardo del Llano‘s brilliantly evil science fiction dramedy the world has been at war for 12 years about what kind of food ideology is the best for all mankind. And as with all ideologies, tolerance goes out of the window when belief systems are at stake. As far as aesthetics are concerned 80s original MAD MAX meets THE FIFTH ELEMENT in this beautifully made Science Fiction film – but the loving detail in music, costumes and dialogues goes much further than that. You’ll love every little detail, once you get the chance to see the film.

One of the funniest moment is when the Mac officer in charge of the laboratory experiment confesses that even he tried to eat meat once: “I was young and naïve”, he breaks down crying. Cue the heavy metal song “I can’t help it but I love meat” over the end credits.

Distributors and festivals – please contact us here at if you need more info or want to show the film. Cuba has – as Eduardo del Llano told us – very restrictive internet possibilities. And as we really believe in this film we’ll do anything to help it get out there and be seen.



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